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Get to know us

Building Beyond the Expected.

Our creative approach to real estate, supported by our diverse team of best-in-class professionals with specialized expertise, has allowed us to successfully invest across several asset classes, including mixed-use, affordable housing, market-rate rentals, residential condos, offices, marinas, hotels, and retail.

Get to Know Us

We pride ourselves in working collaboratively across each of our business units in pursuit of our core pillars: adding value to our partners, perfecting our execution, and innovatively solving complex real estate challenges while positively impacting the communities we serve.

Our culture of transparency, creativity, and collaboration, coupled with our investment philosophy and proven track record, has provided us with the opportunity to serve as the trusted real estate investment partner for some of the most reputable institutional investors, individual investors, and family offices.

Our Promise to You



The Value 
That Drives Us

We base our investment decisions and business interactions on strong principles. Our model blends private equity expertise with exclusive high-return investments. We value relationships in every transaction, and our hospitality sector experience is key to our success.


Maximize Returns,
Minimize Risk

Investment confidence relies on trust. We use our own capital to source and close deals, then invite accredited investors to join us. This aligns interests, ensures thorough diligence, and aims to maximize returns while minimizing risk.



Our goal is to create long-term partnerships with our investors through successful transactions while targeting outsized returns. We are excited to welcome new accredited investors daily and to deliver compelling opportunities to join us in the investiments you choose.

Our Goal

A multi-disciplinary real estate investment and development firm dedicated to creating value, fostering growth and positively impacting the communities we serve through our investments.

Who We Are

Our team

Our Method

Our method ensures guaranteed quality, experienced contractors, and efficient project completion.

Lump Sum Contract

Investor will sign a lump sum contract, where the General Contractor will deliver the property completed, with a price guarantee and responsible for all of the construction warranties.

Experienced Contractor

Real City Capital works in Partnership with local teams and contrators to ensure quality and experience on site.

Fast Turn Over

Due to high demand, standard processes and economy of scale and scope, the projected turn over, from buying the lot to selling the properties in from 4-9 months.



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +1 407-900-0011 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

6979 Kingspointe Pkwy  Suite 12, Orlando, FL - 32819


+1 407-900-0011

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